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We started ContainerBase to offer a freight and container depot that was independent, trusted and an integral supply chain partner to all.

Our business is port neutral and is focused on delivering export and import client's rail and road connectivity to and from all South Island Ports

Whether you need your freight or containers moved, stored, devanned, certified, or maintained, we've got you covered.



We can store your freight or containers short or long term. We can handle empty and full 20ft, 25ft or 40ft containers with a top lifter or our container forklifts.


Whether you need your containers cleaned, repaired, or re-certified we can help. We can get your containers looking sharp and back in use in no time.


We have daily rail services direct to and from Port Otago, Prime Port, Lyttleton and SouthPort. Paired with swinglift, skeleton and tipping trailers we offer door to port and port to door solutions.


We have the equipment and man power to devan or load your freight and bulk in and out of containers including MPI checks if required.

Our Mission

We will always find the best solution for your needs not ours.

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All Your Freight and Container Needs
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Indepth Experience

We have a team with over 30 years experience in freight and container handling.

Solution Focused

We are port neutral and independent, meaning we will always find the best solution for your needs, not ours.

Ideal Location

Based adjacent to the Kiwi Rail Terminal means we have rail connectivity to Port of Otago and South Port.

Local Knowledge

ContainerBase Southland is run by locals so you can rest assured you have local knowledge readily available.

Easier To Chat?

Give us a bell and we'll chat about your requirements and whether we can help, over the phone.

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